Spox Sox is a brand of colorful socks, which we design and manufacture with care for the best quality, durability, comfort and beautiful design.

The project was created by three schoolmates, who share the passion for colorful socks. We are a selection of pixels, forming an interesting picture together. Forever young, creative and determined to act.

We created Spox Sox brand for everyone who wants to express themselves and show creativity in outfit. Our main idea is to make life more colorful and we believe we can help make a first step in this direction.

We design with passion, not always being affected by fashion trends, because we want to offer you unique products with beautiful and sometimes crazy design.

We are proud we can offer you best of Spox Sox: excellent quality, unique designs and affordable price.

Meet us:


Enthusiast of colors, he even knows two types of red. Loves travelling; during months spent outside of homeland concluded that life in Poland might be more colorful. Cheerful as reggae, smooth as a cat.

Favourite Spox Sox: Happy dots


Probably the most colorful investment banker in Poland, at least from toes to calf. After hours – sock craftsman. Holds the unofficial world record for the number of socks transported with a sports car.

Favourite Spox Sox: Red dots


A fan of finest quality and original design. He mastered drafting patterns in Paint (twice). True lover of all sorts of tables. He solves tough problems asap, impossible ones take him more time.

Favourite Spox Sox: Dragon skin