Create your own custom pack of socks Spox Box!


Buy 4 pairs and get 1 extra for free!

Stylish box included.

Free international shipping for each order > 45 EUR.

Kolorowe skarpetki damskie i męskie





Best quality of our socks is our focus. We manufacture them in Poland using the best combed cotton with care for durability and beautiful design.


We ship internationally with registered letters. We are quick – all orders are ready for shipping within 24h from your order. We offer free international shipping for each order > 45 EUR.


We accept credit cards, PayPal, online transfers and regular bank transfers.


You can return your socks if you don’t like them. No problem. Just send them back to us within 30 days of delivery.

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Do you want to stand out and show creative style? Wear colorful socks


Socks are not just an addition to your look. They are an integral part of each stylization and you should pay attention to what you wear on your feet. In fact socks are one of the first elements of your clothing you put on in the morning. Don’t let your socks be boring anymore! Wear colorful socks Spox Sox, differentiate from the crowd and show your good taste. Choose from a number of crazy casual socks, including mismatched socks to express your colorful personality. Try adding some colors to your formal stylizations with our dress socks and see how people react – it’s great! For summer discover funky low socks to wear with your sneakers and approach style with the brightest colors and boldest patterns. Stand out and take your first step to a more colorful life. Dare to play with colours, have fun being stylish and expect envious glances in the street and admiration from your friends!

Why colorful socks Spox Sox?


Spox Sox is a brand of colorful socks, which we design and manufacture with care for the best quality, durability, comfort and beautiful design. We produce socks with passion and we would like to share it with everyone, no matter how old are you, where you live and what you do. We would like to make your life more colorful with our unique designs and boldest patterns. We work hard to cater to the needs of the most demanding users. We use only the finest combed cotton to make wearing our socks a really great experience.


Dare for colorful socks


Are you are contemplating buying colorful, crazy socks? Or maybe a little afraid of what the people’s reaction would be? Don’t be! We have been there and the reaction is always great. You will hear that your socks are stunning, where did you buy them? So don’t hesitate anymore, wear colorful socks to show creativity in outfit, color your feet and feel free!